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Consciously Sourced Cornish Crystals 

Where I source my Cornish Crystals....


Ben Church

Don Francis

Ben Church is a professional geologist based in Porthtowan. He started his venture Infinite Wave in 2016 following a 26 year career teaching geology. His passion for mineral collecting and mine exploring, together with finding some beautiful Cornish agates on his local beach led to him setting up a small workshop for preparing mineral specimens and lapidary work with Cornish agates. Infinite Wave often has a stall at a variety of mineral shows and craft fairs throughout the south west and beyond & his website is the portal for many of the services that he can offer to those in search of Cornish treasures.


Tech Lead



Tess Brown

Alex and Serefina are a beautiful couple who both share the LOVE of Crystal hunting, I met Alex a few years ago when I wanted to source local crystals, he was solo then, free climbing and searching the rocks for bits of sparkly Quartz! Now he's found his love and turns out she loves searching the Cornish cliffs too! What a match! They will soon be launching their new page 


You can see Alex's journey so far  @kernow_crystals

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Lisa Rose

Serefina makes beautiful jewellery with her Cornish finds. You can see her work @studio_fina

"We are 2 Cornish magpies that spend most of our free time searching the corners of our county finding shiney treasures" 

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